BACKGROUND My team took a chance to take part in the College + MTV Creative Jam hosted by Adobe. Our challenge is to design a mobile app that empowers an individual to encourage advocacy among their network by sharing.

Given only three days to brainstorm, ideate, and create an app prototype from scratch, we were proudly to be one of the ten finalist, gaining a chance to showcase our app to everyone. After presenting in the virtual finale event to the judges from MTV and Adobe, our team got the second place out of 350 teams and we received great compliments and precious feedbacks from the judges and other teams. 


ROLE User Research, Competitive Analysis, User Journey Mapping, Wireframing, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Usability Tesing, UI design, Creative Direction

Adobe XD

Zhuolan Zhang

3-Day Design Jam


Young people are willing to express their thoughts on current cultural events and historic movements, however, they may be hesitant to do so because of the worries of being wrong or their opinions don’t align with those of the others. How do we use empathy to create a comfortable environment where people are willing to open up?
Black Hole is a platform that encourages an individual’s advocacy among their community and brings together strangers who are interested in similar topics to talk and discuss in real-time. They will also have a chance to discover new and talented musical artists and educational podcasts. Every voice matters in Black Hole. Only by listening to each other can we better understand each other in relation to our community.

Feature Highlights