Xiujie Bi

OK Nail Salon

Brand Identity
Art Direction
Existing Problems:
  • Not a lot of men have nail care
  • Men feel uncomfortable in nail salons
  • Traditional self-care services are only targeted toward women

  • Encourage men using nail care and other self-care services
  • Provide a gender neutral space
  • Provide comforting services and easy introduction to beginners
  • Break traditional gender ideals and expectations

By providing a gender neutral space and comforting services, OK Nail Salon breaks the traditional gender ideals and expectations by encouraging both men and women using nail care, nail art, and other self-care services. Our philosophy reinforce the idea that self-caring has nothing to do with gender.

First time doing your nails?
No worries.
You’re well taken care of!

Bring a piece of us home.
And rememeber, always take care of yourself!