Xiujie Bi

The Catalog of Inanimate Objects

Book Design
Thesis Experimentation Statement:

We are now living in a period of time where we are constantly being asked by others and questioning ourselves who we are as a person. Coming from different backgrounds and cultures, everyone experiences differently and have completely different stories to tell. However, we all have one common way to define ourselves. The environment we live in influence us and we, at the same time, are creators of our environment. Thus, the tangible objects we own, and most importantly, the meanings behind them that surpasses materiality, are the true reflections of who we are. In my thesis project, I will explore the anthropomorphic relationship between human and their inanimate objects and how materials serve as an important and meaningful role to oneself. Low brand recognition
The Catalog of Inanimate Objects  is a experimental piece that portrays myself through the objects I own, using the form of a musuem catalog and colors as a layer to present my seeing and memories projected on the objects.